30 % of all CO2 emissions worldwide are caused by buildings

BUILDING TECHNOLOGY: innovativE, energy-efficient and sustainable

When it comes to the energy consumption of buildings, less is more. Regardless if it's an office building, a factory, a hotel or a supermarket, every commercial building has the potential to lower its energy consumption substantially. Together with our clients, we have implemented numerous projects that show what we can achieve today with pioneering technology.

Beyond realizing significant savings – from heating and cooling technology to air conditioning and electrical energy – technology from Danfoss makes a major contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. Striving to cut its own energy use and CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030, Danfoss itself is a strong supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Small Solutions – big impact

"Whether it's offices, factories or supermarkets, we simply can't afford to run inefficient buildings."

Kim Fausing, President and CEO of Danfoss

Efficiency for EVERY type of building – our Reference projects

Rising energy costs and stricter environmental regulations make it essential to review and optimize commercial buildings for their energy efficiency. The following examples clearly demonstrate how Danfoss meets the requirements of different building types through innovative technology and products. Thereby we help our clients to fulfill regulatory requirements and to optimize their own energy consumption.

The Swiss Prime Tower in Zurich with the Danfoss building technology

The future of building technology starts now

Technology should be reliable, standardized and efficient – preferably from a single source. Learn more about why Danfoss is the right partner for commercial buildings.
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