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The Kameha Hotel in Bonn with Danfoss building technology for a pleasant climate

Whether it’s energy optimization of existing heating systems, individual temperature control of hotel rooms or central network monitoring through a building control system, there’s a Danfoss solution for the needs of hotel operators. Additionally, Danfoss thermal solutions for hotels like central and hygienic water heating using storage charging systems with integrated thermal disinfection, will help your hotel stay competitive and future-proof.

Speed control for ventilation, water pumps and refrigeration compressors increase the lifetime of systems and save energy.

A hotel has a range of refrigeration systems – and while efficient cooling technology is indispensable, it also offers great saving potentials. With a wide range of components and competence in building applications, many years of experience and technical expertise, Danfoss is the right partner for every challenge.

Building technology is one of the most important factors for a pleasant climate – be it in the room, the lobby, the lounge or in the restaurant. And for the personal well-being of the guest, the technology must meet the highest requirements. Which is especially true when it comes to the technical equipment of the hotel rooms, which should offer intuitive control to the guest. The challenge for every hotel operator is to design the building technology accordingly. And to make it so efficient that it will yield cost advantages.

In addition to operational and supply safety, the focus in planning the Westin Hamburg was on energy efficiency and comfort.
Sven Nork, Bannert engineers


less electricity is needed by Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers thanks to an ingenious interaction between ground water cooling and heat pumps

Efficient air-conditioning solutions for comfortable rooms

Hotel room with efficient air-conditioning solutions by Danfoss Hydronic Balancing & Control

The well-being of a guest depends on various factors. In order to ensure comfort throughout, an intelligent combination of building technology is required. Firstly, a perfectly controllable air-conditioning system, which can be operated intuitively by guests themselves, plays an important role. But the ideal room climate is not only about temperature, but also about low noise levels and air quality. On the other hand, it’s important for the hotel operator to keep operating costs low by means of high energy efficiency.

To achieve efficient cooling or heating, both an optimum hydraulic balance and a perfect temperature control are needed. Danfoss Hydronic Balancing & Control provide more comfort for less money – particularly in the morning and evening hours when the building technology is stressed most. For those scenarios, Danfoss developed just the right solution: central and hygienic water heating using storage charging systems with integrated thermal disinfection.


of the cooling and heating demands of the Kameha Grand Bonn are covered by a geothermal power plant and intelligent heating solutions from Danfoss

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Air-conditioning solutions

A balanced heating system offers a high saving potential. Meet the Danfoss Plug & Play solution: Automatic line valves for control and hydraulic balancing of the heating system. If you’re looking for the most economical solution for hotel rooms, a flexible and modular building technology is the answer. Due to its high compatibility, it can communicate and control the existing technology to reduce operating costs.


Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption in the hotel industry is very high – energy costs can significantly reduce the RevPAR. So, the right air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions can achieve high saving potentials. However, any kind of energy-efficient technology should pay off in the foreseeable future. That’s why Danfoss develops energy-efficient solutions, which are tailored to your needs.


Innovative solutions by Danfoss for hotel buildings and energy-efficient hotel facilities


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floors of the Westin Hotel Elbphilharmonie are supplied with energy by Danfoss differential pressure controllers

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