The project

The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg's HafenCity is more than just Germany’s most famous concert hall. In addition to concert halls and 45 apartments, the new landmark of the city also houses the Westin Hamburg with 205 rooms, 39 suites and a 1,300 square meter spa area. "In a five-star hotel, guests expect a special experience. The building technology has to work smoothly”, says Sven Nork from Bannert Engineers. The Bremen-based engineering company planned the installations for heating, cooling and plumbing for the restaurant and hotel areas.

In addition to operational and supply safety, the focus in planning the Westin Hamburg was on energy efficiency and comfort.
Sven Nork, Bannert engineers
A hotel room in the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg with modern Danfoss building technology

The challenge

The Westin Hamburg is a complex new building. The lower floors of the hotel sit behind the facade of the old Kaispeicher A, which was completely gutted. Behind the listed shell lies the wellness area of the hotel with saunas, steam baths and a 20 meters long pool. The Saffron restaurant, which seats up to 170 guests, is located above the wellness area. On the former roof of the warehouse the so called Plaza is located featuring a viewing terrace and the hotel reception.

The rooms are arranged in the glass structure around the concert halls up to the 20th floor. "Each area came with other challenges", Nork recalls. An underfloor heating system is installed in the pool area, while the hotel rooms are heated by conventional radiators and underfloor convectors in front of the windows. "Completely different requirements – but pleasant temperatures were needed everywhere", outlines the planner. In addition, the entire complex had to be connected to the Hamburg district heating network.

Sven Nork, Bannert engineers
The HafenCity energy concept sets new standards. Danfoss' control components enable an efficient energy usage.
Sven Nork, Bannert engineers

The solution

"In order to fit state-of-the-art building technology into such a large and complex building, the efficient interaction of many small components is mandatory", says Nork. For the hydraulic balancing, the engineer uses Danfoss' differential pressure regulator, which ensures even hot water distribution in the hotel's heating system. "The distinctive feature of this technology is: the valves automatically react to any load condition between zero and a hundred per cent during operation, ensuring a pleasant room climate."

MicroPlate heat exchangers provide higher energy efficiency. They reduce the consumption of heating energy from the district heating network using an innovative panel structure. Together with electronic controllers, the energy supply can be reduced by 20 per cent. Danfoss also had the right solution for a smooth water supply at any time of the day. "Danfoss' storage system is ideal for hotels because it covers peak demands and comes with thermal disinfection."

The Westin Hamburg project and the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg with compatible Danfoss components

Less energy consumption.

More pleased guests.

The result

"A project as complex as the Westin Hamburg is simplified by the high compatibility of Danfoss components", says Nork. Like many hotels, the Westin also used standardized components in the Elbphilharmonie. Danfoss offers a wide range of different sizes, which have a great fit with components from other manufacturers.

From district heating to hygienic water heating – Danfoss has a tailor-made solution for every requirement.

Good to know

Berlin-based designer Tassilo Bost conceived the bathrooms of the Westin Hotel. They were manufactured by a prefab maker in Bavaria and assembled in Hamburg. Prefab modules already play an important role in the interior design of hotels.

Facts and figures

Opened: 2016

Rooms: 244 (of which 39 are suites)

Wellness: 1,300 m2 with saunas, steam bath and pool

Apartments: 45

Architect: Herzog & de Meuron

Execution planning: Bannert engineers

Danfoss highlight products:

  • ASV-PV balancing valves
  • MicroPlate Heat Exchanger
  • Electronic Controller ECL Comfort 310

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