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Energy-efficient office buildings

The perfect climate for the working environment

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Efficient solutions in office buildings for a dynamic growth and sustainable management

Highly efficient solutions for the optimization of heating systems in office buildings, for example components for air-conditioning or fan coil units.

Speed control for ventilation, water pumps and refrigeration compressors increase the lifetime of systems and save energy.

New energy and performance standards require air-conditioning systems with high reliability and improved temperature control.

Modern working environments, a great address and representation – office buildings are no longer just workplaces.

For some companies, they are an expression of corporate philosophy and a factor in the fight for talent. But buildings also have to cope with dynamic growth and sustainable management. Whether it’s large-scale or individual office, conference or public space: building technology must adapt to market needs and to both tenants and investors.

The Swiss Prime Tower might impress with its architecture, but it also contains a climate-friendly energy solution. The cooling and heating systems combine high energy efficiency with a good indoor climate.
Sales Team, Swiss Prime Tower

megawatt hours of energy are consumed by office buildings in Germany per year

Tomorrow’s office is a green office

Building technology by Danfoss for the new, highly flexible floor plans

Welcome to the future office. In order to meet the demands of companies, the office building of tomorrow must offer much more than just room to work. Flexibility, modernity and third-party usability are crucial for new, highly flexible floor plans that meet dynamic corporate strategies. Companies react quickly to personnel requirements and planning, and the offices must follow suit. The same applies to room climate, comfort and quality of stay – all of which are influenced by the building technology. Temperature control of rooms, modern lighting, intelligent dimming and elevator control – all this contributes to employees' comfort in the office. But the demands of companies are changing too. As many corporations have committed to sustainability, they also expect office buildings to meet green standards. Certifications such as LEED, DGNB or BREAM are becoming more important and act as a proof of quality and environmental standards. Also, these certified buildings are very interesting for investors. As trophy buildings, they increase the value of the investment and at the same time meet the demands of future viability and environmental compatibility.

cubic meters of space are efficiently supplied with air at the Prime Tower in Zurich by 80 Danfoss drives

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Working climate

For people spending most of their day at the office, it’s important that the room climate is as enjoyable as possible. Offices, which are too cold or too warm can have negative effects on the well-being of employees, leading to increased sickness absence rates. Danfoss technology allows you to focus on the needs of your employees.


Energy efficiency

The green building is more than just a conscious decision, as many companies have the duty of documentation towards investors and customers. In addition, green buildings can contribute to energy savings, and to secure assets as well as investment grades.



Flexible office space is becoming increasingly important, enabling companies to react quickly to changing HR requirements and planning. That’s why building technology should adapt to both large-scale offices as well as individual offices.


Office buildings with Danfoss building and room technology and control systems


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AB-QM in cooling and heating ceilings regulate the comfort at the Frankfurt high-rise Romeo & Juliet

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