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Energy-efficient public buildings

Technology investments that pay off

The right solution for public buildings

Energy-efficient building technology and innovative technology for public buildings

Highly efficient solutions for the optimization of heating systems in public buildings, district heating technology as well as components for the hygienically safe treatment of water.

Speed control for ventilation and air-conditioning systems, increasing the lifespan of systems and saving up to 40 per cent energy.

New energy and performance standards require air-conditioning systems with high reliability and improved temperature control.

The public sector is one of the largest operators of real estate in Germany. Whether it’s universities, hospitals or kindergartens: budget constraints put maintenance costs of public buildings in the focus of municipalities. Also, the public sector has to take into account climate objectives of the Energiewende (energy transition) policy. Municipalities are looking for new ways to reduce budgets, saving on energy consumption while reducing their carbon footprint. This calls for innovative, energy-efficient building technologies. But what is possible? And which applications suit your budget as well as your demands?

See how the Danfoss VLT makes a lift at the Max-Planck-Institute in Göttingen safer and more efficient.

public buildings have a high potential for energy saving and climate protection according to KfW

The right partner for your energy needs

Hospital building with Danfoss technology for new public buildings

Are you planning a public building or an energy efficient renovation? Then you’ll need to keep an eye on energy targets and budget consolidation. There are a lot of possibilities – can the result be achieved simply by insulation? Is the entire building technology put to the test? Danfoss is a partner of municipalities and public institutions, offering systems for existing buildings as well as comprehensive solutions for new buildings. And it’s not only about what is technically feasible, but how the existing challenges can be met most efficiently. Thanks to a nationwide presence, Danfoss is able to offer the best solution for your region. This could be the reduction of overcapacities and decommissioning or expanding the capacity in growing communities. Danfoss is here to help during construction, during installation and over the entire lifespan of the building.


excess electricity is produced by a water treatment plant in Aarhus with the help of more than 120 Danfoss AQUA drives

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Municipal buildings, property owned by federal states and government buildings suffer from restoration backlog. Many buildings – such as schools – were built in the 1970s and have not been renovated since. Danfoss components can be integrated into the existing systems for energy-efficient refurbishment, opening up significant saving potentials.


Energy efficiency

The green building is more than just a conscious decision, as many municipalities are subject to laws, which are constantly tightened. Green building applications from Danfoss meet these requirements and contribute to considerable cost savings – over the entire lifespan of the property.



In addition to supplying components for existing systems, Danfoss offers solutions that enable municipal building and energy managers to prove cost savings during operation.


Danfoss’ efficient and innovative solutions for public buildings


Whether it’s a school, swimming pool or office building – find out more about Danfoss solutions for the public sector.


of the exhaust heat can be recuperated in House K of Dresden-Friedrichstadt Hospital by using Danfoss drives

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