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Energy-efficient shopping centers

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How to make shopping centers future-proof

The energy-efficient shopping centre aktiv & irma with modern building technology by Danfoss

Energy-efficient connection of buildings to the central district heating supply and optimization of existing heating systems. Also, temperature control of mall areas and shops as well as network monitoring with building control technology.

In grocery stores and malls, an efficient and effective speed control system for air-conditioning systems and refrigeration compressors increases the lifespan of systems and saves energy.

Danfoss offers a range of solutions covering everything from sensors to centrally controlled Smart Store Solutions using natural refrigerants and waste heat recovery.

Shopping centers have firmly taken hold in Germany. With more than 350 centers, Germany is one of the most important locations in Europe.

Over the years, their function and construction have radically changed. Simple suburban shopping centers have evolved into multifunctional shopping temples in the heart of the city. In times of e-commerce and Click & Brick, today's centers have a multitude of functions. They’re not only offering a unique shopping experience for visitors, but returns for investors and sales for tenants. In addition to the right brand and industry mix, the quality and length of stay are also crucial. This is where Danfoss’ building technology comes into play. It provides the right temperature for the best shopping experience, offers energy and cost control for a better return, as well as precise air-conditioning for lower costs.

Planning, installation and approval – Danfoss has helped with every step of the installation.
Jens Schön, Owner Kältetechnik Schön


higher energy efficiency can be achieved when electric motors are controlled by Danfoss drives

How we’ll shop tomorrow

Unique shopping experience at the refrigerated shelf in the supermarket through ideal building technology

Thanks to the smartphone, the connected customer is always informed about prices and alternative offers – and this development also changes the perspectives of the retail trade. Omnichannel concepts are becoming increasingly important because the distribution channels online and offline are slowly merging. The customer isn’t just interested in a quick purchase, but is looking for advice and a pleasant atmosphere – and the biggest choice of products possible. This development poses a challenge for many established retail concepts. In the future, a retail outlet will primarily tell the story of the brand, convey the associated lifestyle and also demonstrate sustainability. But what will make a store successful? It’s a mix of the best location, an outstanding store design and building technology that enables a unique shopping experience. Higher rental charges and new shop building concepts call for cost reduction of service charges, making both energy and cost efficiency a defining issue.


of energy is saved by the CO2 refrigeration system of the supermarket Edeka Zurheide in Bottrop

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Maintenance and modernization are major cost factors in retail, as long building periods can lead to declining sales. Reliable building technology must reduce unnecessary maintenance, repairs or replacement.


Energy Efficiency

High margin and price pressure makes it necessary to find new ways to reduce costs. Energy costs for supermarkets and climate control of shopping centers play an important role. Innovative climate and cooling solutions can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 per cent.



The use of Big Data also opens up new possibilities for building technology. The Danfoss Smart Store allows the user to monitor and analyse consumption and energy flows. Energy and water consumption can be optimized by using data to reduce the costs of maintenance for the benefit of both retailers and owners.


Innovative building technology by Danfoss for energy-efficient shopping centres


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VLT® HVAC Drives lower the energy consumption of the ventilation at the Mediterraneo shopping center in Bremenhaven

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